Want to Get Involved? Join the MPNAI Board!

What is the Board?
The board establishes MPNAI’s mission, policies, and strategic direction, and provides oversight of our finances and work in the community. The board consists of both district representatives and at-large representatives. There are 6 district representatives and 4 at-large representatives.  District representatives and at-large representatives are elected by the neighborhood and serve 2-year terms.

How Can I Join?
At our April community meeting, we will be having a second round of board elections to fill vacant seats. You will need to have a member of your district come with you to nominate you for the seat if you are interested in becoming that district representative. There are 6 districts in Midtown Phillips. The boundaries of these districts are listed below, and a district boundary map can be found here. The open seats available are:

At-Large Representative
District 1:
24th-26th & Chicago to 12th Avenue
District 3: 26th-28th & Chicago to 12th Avenue
District 4: 26th-28th & 12th Avenue to Bloomington
District 5: 28th-Lake & Chicago to 12th Avenue

When are the Elections?
Elections will take place at our April Community Meeting on Tuesday, April 25 from 6:30-8:00 PM. This meeting will be held at Banyan Community.

If you have any interest in joining or questions about joining the board , please reach out to the MPNAI neighborhood coordinator, Maggie Moran, at midtownphillips@gmail.com

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