Board Meeting Next Tuesday

MPNAI Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 13
6:30-8:00 PM
Stewart Park Arts & Crafts Room

I. Introductions (3 min)
II. Review and Approve May minutes (2 min)
III. Financial Report-Jana Metge (25 min)
-Accept and receive March & April Financials
-Motion to approve the MPRB contract for the Phillips Pool dated as proposed
-Motion to create a marketing line item in our 2017-2019 CPP contract
-Motion to allocate 2,500 from the meeting/community building events line item to sponsor the ‘Midtown Zone’ for the Midtown Festival at the 2017 Lake+Minnehaha Open Streets and the Franklin Open Streets.
-Motion to allocate 37,595.21 of the CPP 2014-2016 contract into the following categories of the CPP 2017-2019 contract:
     -allocation of 4,000 into the Marketing line item
     -allocation of 3,595 into the community building and events line          item
     -allocation of 30,000 into the outreach partnerships line item.
IV.Q&A Presentation on Body Worn Camera Policy (35 min)
V. Midtown Greenway Presentation of proposed mural design (10 min)
VI. Planning and Overview of Midtown Festival (15 min)

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