First Set of New Piers Complete at Portland Avenue Bridge

Crews finished constructing the new piers on the south side of the Portland Avenue (County Road 35) bridge. This will be the first major completed component of the new bridges, and marks a significant point of progress.

What’s a pier?

Piers are the visible vertical structures that usually help support the bridge deck. On the new Portland and Cedar avenue bridges, however, the piers will be decorative.

They will appear similar in style to the other historic bridges over the greenway to preserve a consistent character in the corridor. But, the new piers will not bear any of the load of the bridges. This makes the bridge design adaptable to accommodate possible future transit uses in the corridor.

There are three primary steps to building each new pier:

  • Setting the footing, which involves establishing a solid foundation for the piers to connect firmly to the ground.
  • Pouring the columns, which make up the visible vertical components of the piers.
  • Capping the piers, to provide a visual point of connection with the bridge deck.

At the Cedar Avenue bridge construction site, crews have completed the footings and the columns on the south piers and will cap them in the coming days.

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