Rental Property Owner Training

All Minneapolis Rental Property Owner Workshops (RPOW) take place at our 5th Precinct, 3101 Nicollet Av. S., in the community room opposite the front desk. The workshop is in high demand and we give first choice for seats to owners and managers of Minneapolis rental properties.
EMAIL WITH YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY ADDRESS(ES) and Luther will reserve your seat at the next available date:

Saturday occasional brunch-time dates: 10am-1pm  –>
2017: July 8  –  September 9  –  October 14

Third Wednesdays monthly: all times are 6-9pm –>
2017: July 19  –  August 16  –  September 20  –  October 18  –  November 15  –  December 20

Workshop Agenda:
Maintaining your Rental License:
How is my license fee determined?
What is a “tiered license”?
How should I prepare for my license inspection?

Conduct Notice Process: What happens when certain crimes are committed by tenants and/or their guests on your property? What are you obligated to do in response according to Minneapolis Ordinance 244.2020?

Working with the MPD: Minneapolis Police are mandated to work with rental owners when incidents qualify under 244.2020. The MPD connects owners to many resources to help make their properties as safe as possible, and to connect owners with neighbors to their properties.

Housing Court:  We will not present on Housing Court at the in-class session. If you haven’t been in Housing Court you will need to view this 20-minute video online–preferably in advance of the workshop–link to:

The agenda is the same for all workshops.

If you need a certificate of attendance to get the conversion fee discount, you *must* attend the in-class session *and* view the online housing court video, link above.

Block club leaders and Citizens Academy graduates may also attend at no charge, and must RSVP by email to me to reserve a seat.​

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