Greenway Bridges Reconstruction Updates

Abutments near completion at Cedar Avenue

Crews poured the north abutment for the new Cedar Avenue (County Road 152) bridge this week. An abutment is the structure at either end of the bridge that supports the weight of the bridge structure and traffic on top. Holes are drilled 50 feet into the ground, then pile are inserted to secure each abutment.

Next week, crews expect to pour the south abutment at Cedar, as well. This will mark a major milestone for the Cedar Avenue bridge. Next, crews will complete the construction of the piers at Cedar. These piers will be non-load bearing and may be removed to accommodate possible future transit use along the corridor.

Following completion of the piers, beams will be set across the trail, which will eventually connect to the bridge deck.

Piers complete at Portland Avenue, work progressing on abutments

Both the north and south piers for the Portland Avenue (County Road 35) bridge are now complete, and work is underway on the abutments. Crews have completed the piling on the south abutment already and are continuing with this work on the north side.

Rather than fully reconstructing the abutments at Portland, as they did at Cedar, crews will instead renovate much of the existing concrete structures after piling for the new supports is complete. 

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