MPNAI Board Meeting TONIGHT!

Join MPNAI for our Board Meeting TONIGHT! 6:30-8:00 PM at Stewart Park

I. Introductions – Get to know each other (20 minutes)

II. Overview of existing projects (30 mins)
Neighborhood Signage – Sunny
Home Rehab Loans – Maggie
Neighborhood Events – Jana
Art on Utility Boxes – Sunny
Phillips Pool – Beth
Outreach Partnerships – Maggie
Business Directory – Sunny
Website Updates & Newsletter – Maggie

III. Board Discussion for 2018 (10-20 mins)
– Ideas for Community Meetings
– Ideas for Projects/Outreach / Task Forces???
– Marketing Products – Jana

IV. Review of year end 2017 Financial Report
(10 minutes)

V. Officer Elections (10 minutes)
– Treasurer
– Secretary

VI. Public Comment (TBD)

VII. Adjourn

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