League of Women Voters Presents: Civic Buzz Events

Sanctuary Protections, ICE, and Immigration
Join us for the privilege of learning from John Keller, Executive Director of the Immigrant Law Center about the alarming swirl of immigration issues.   He will discuss stepped-up arrests, detentions, deportation, border wall funding, National Guard to U.S.-Mexico border, the citizenship census question, organizations working to provide sanctuary, and jurisdictions being classified “sanctuary cities”.
Enabled by Mr. Keller’s information, LWVMpls Units will take a closer look at our local governments’ immigration positions and actions and learn what it means to be characterized as a “sanctuary city”.

To provide additional background on immigration and see the contentious U.S. immigration history, we urge you to read:

WHEN:  Tuesday, May 1st, 2018
TIME:  Gather at 5:30 p.m. for networking; Speaker introduced at 6:10 p.m.
LOCATION:  Black Forest Inn, Banquet Room, 26th and Nicollet Ave So
Civic Buzz is free and open to the public.  Bring a friend!  Here’s a way to link this event to your calendar.

Minneapolis has just released the draft of a 20-year Comprehensive Plan.  This plan will affect all of the City’s public policies from health, transportation, parks, jobs, land use and housing.  State law requires all metro area cities to produce a comprehensive plan every 10 years with the goal of achieving orderly and coordinated growth.  The process is designed to allow citizens to have the opportunity to read the plan and to give feedback to the City Planning Department.  There are also a series of study sessions being offered by the City.  Attached you can find the details for these sessions.
NOTE:  LWVMinneapolis will be studying the housing section of the plan and hopes to give written feedback to the City.  We’ll keep you posted on these efforts.  As a LWVMinneapolis member, we welcome your comments that could inform our report.  Please send your thoughts to vote@lwvmpls.org.
LWVMpls has invited Jack Byers, Manager of Long Rang Planning at the City of Minneapolis to present to us at a “Bonus” Civic Buzzgathering.  Here’s the details:
DATE:   Tuesday, May 15th
TIME:   5:30 for networking; 6:15 for presentation
LOCATION:  Black Forest Inn, 26th and Nicollet in the Banquet Room

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