Community Partners

For the year of 2017, MPNAI has chosen to partner with various organizations around the neighborhood in order to promote and increase community outreach and participation. Each one of these partnerships is unique, with focuses ranging from planting fruit trees throughout the neighborhood, to creating a sense of community by employing the tools of art and creativity.


Meet our partners:

Banyan CommunityLighthouseNetwork-240x300.jpg

Working to create a safer and more connected Midtown Phillips community through the implementation of the Lighthouse Network. The distinctions of a Lighthouse Network Block Club is that clubs have a trained resident leader by both the city of Minneapolis and Banyan Community. Banyan extends a community coordinator- a full time staff member to facilitate the growth and support of community building on each Lighthouse Block. LHN Block Clubs come together from both Midtown and East Phillips to provide a larger venue of support.


In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre & St. Paul’La Natividads Lutheran Church

Seeking to build understanding and connectedness in Midtown Phillips through utilizing youth leadership and engaging people in art and greening projects that beautify and uplift the community. In the Heart of the Beast and St. Paul’s will partner to intensively train 30 youth “Art Pollinators” to teach art and greening with younger children, seniors, residents, and institutions.

Somali American Radio: KALY 101.7 FMexchange_community_radio_comeback_c0-131-3930-2422_s885x516.jpeg

To provide vital information to Somali and other East African residents and workers in the community. KALY has programs with the topics of: health and wellness, effective citizenship, education/economic and business opportunities, crime and safety, programs for youth, women, elders and persons with disabilities.

New Americans Youth Soccer Clubkids-pic-5.jpg

To use NAYSC as a medium to promote youth and family engagement in the wider Midtown Community and Neighborhood.  NAYSC aims to enhance community involvement of families new to the United States by providing a safe place to learn and understand the fundamentals of soccer.

New City Churchstatic1.squarespace.png

To create a sense of abundance in  the Midtown Phillips community by connecting people to the land and their neighbors. New City plants trees with under-served neighbors in the Powderhorn, Phillips, and central neighborhoods. After receiving a tree, these neighbors are then responsible to ‘pay it forward’ by helping to plant another tree for a neighbor and donate 10% of the produce to those around them.